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About Us

In the age where everybody can click pictures, we understand the difference of capturing a story. Stories, Thats what we believe in, every love story is different, every wedding is different. Wedding is more than tieing the knot. Its the joy of two families coming together, its the love of two souls becoming one. Life is beautiful and memories should last forever. We not only understand the effort that is required to capture the events in creative way and still keeping it real, we enjoy the responsibility. We love to capture everything, be it the makeup, the family get together, mehendhi, the hidden glances, the display of affection. We believe in keeping it real as the intimacy, the emotion, the love cannot be replicated. No story is complete without details. We don’t believe in small details as these are the details that make the wedding unique. 

We built our team in way where everybody brings something different, something unique to the table as we believe in Quality of the work. We believe in the concept of “Wedding is the celebration of the souls” and we leave no stone unturned to make this celebration a grand success.

So do come and share your story, there is nothing more important for us than to listen and document your story and spare no details. Ask us a thousand of questions, we insist on it. Lets get to know each other as we believe in friendship and the power of story.