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About Us

Started as a hobby, pursued as a passion ended up being an addiction. That’s the story of my Photography Career. Back in 2012 when i started using a Digi-cam i never knew i would end up here. Not long ago aperture meant only a geometric word and shutter meant as a door but now its the most important part of My life. A life where i wake up with Camera on my side and end the day by closing the Camera bag. Camera is not just a tool anymore,its a companion, its the soul that i live with

When i started i was clicking randomly and it took a while to know that i love making people look beautiful. I like to tell the story through snaps that one would cherish for a long time.Event doesn’t really matter what matters is peoples love and their smile. Life is beautiful and memories should last forever. Wedding photography is best for me as it contains a full package of everything i love which is exploring new places, meeting new people , making lot of friends, lots of laughter , lots of conversation and how can i forget… Lots and lots of good food

My style of photography is mix of Contemporary and Glamour Photography. i love to mix candid photo shots with fun posed shots.I love to shoot everything in a wedding : be it makeup,the family drama, mehendi, the pranks, the hidden glances or public display of love. I just love it all.With Wedding comes travel and i love travelling too…. It gives me a chance to explore new culture, new city , new life style basically everything is new and who doesn’t love it.

I team up with other photographers and cinematographers to give you the best memories on the best day of your life. Creativity is the essence that we carry and which is what we gonna deliever it to you. So what we are waiting for, Lets arm up and shoot, what say :p