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5 Tips to choose the photographer for the D Day

27-06-2016 No Comments

Tastes of food will be forgotten after couple of days, Flowers used for Decoration will fade in a day, Make up wore out after few hours but Photographs taken on the wedding remain for life time. Selecting a photographer for the wedding is one of the most important decision of the day.That means careful research and selectiveness regarding professional skills, artistic style and personal style are extra-important when choosing your photographer. 1. What you want? Before you begin researching photographers, you’ll need to first decide what type of photography style you prefer, as that will help determine which kind of photographer you’ll want shooting your wedding. Candid / Documentary : Instead of a series of posed photos, these are candid or spontaneous pictures of people, decor and the action.With a purely photojournalistic photographer, you’ll very rarely see people staring at the camera—the photos capture the moments exactly as they happened, and together they tell a story. Traditional / Conventional : If you prefer classic portraits (think: your parents’ wedding album), go with a traditional photographer who specializes in that style. These are posed shots of the two of you, your friends and family in front of various backdrops. While some photographers will pose subjects in more traditional spots (like infront of the mantapam) and in more formal poses, other photographers take portraiture to next step with more dramatic composition. Often the Couple go with the package which includes both as the albums with the mixture of both would give more flair, more elegance and more royal look. 2. Analyse Do take time to go through every potential photographers work and review thier websites and blogs to understand thier style and flair. The design of the website will also give an idea about photgraphers personality and taste. Thier facebook/Instagram/twitter also gives a fair idea about the quality of the work they do. 3. Talk to them Once you have a set of potential photograhers who provides quality as well as who suits your budget, do arrange the meet and meet the potential photographers personally as this is not a decision that can be made on looks alone. Be prepared to talk about your venue, your wedding style and what you envision for your photos. 4. Review with Critical Eye When reviewing a photographer’s work, look for the key moments you want captured: Is the timing of the image is perfect, Also look for crispness of images, thoughtful compositions and good lighting. It’s also very important that you detect sensitivity in capturing people’s emotions; Make sure Photographs convey right emotions. 5. Personality It is very important to have a bonding with your photographer.When they make suggestions, do they present them in a clear and respectful way or do their mannerisms put you off?. Above all go with the photographer who puts you at ease and doesn’t irritate you in any way. As they will be shadowing your every move,the more comfortable you both are with the photographer, the better the photos will be. […]

5 tips for a successful Wedding

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Wedding is a once in a lifetime thing and it is one of the most important days of everybody’s lives. We all want to avoid those glitches and have that perfect wedding and Planning is very important for free flowing wedding. But Often the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. So don’t worry, just sit back and enjoy the roller coaster ride that you are about to have. 1. Pre – wedding Jitters Brides do go through a period of emotions, anxiety and nervousness before their wedding and it is okay to feel like that. Wedding jitters are okay but it should not take a toll on your health in any way. Don’t worry, its quite alright to feel petrified sometimes, especially when you are about to tie the knot. Don’t bother about the minor things that do not go according to the plan. It is very important to keep smiling and enjoying every moment of it. 2. Get Ready well before time Wedding is a long and tedious process and you need to save energy as and when you can. By getting ready well in advance you will have ample time to rest before the start of ceremony and also the mind will be fresh before the rituals start. Backdrop of getting ready on the border is , before sitting for the rituals/reception bride or the groom will be worried about their makeup or attire and will also be pressurized by the family/parents and that can be avoided by getting ready early. 3. Get Photographed before the ritual/reception starts In this era where the photographs play major role in every wedding, it is important to give enough time for the photographer to cover the bride/groom to make them look beautiful. This can be achieved by getting ready early. Often there is misconception that photographs can be taken even after the ceremony is concluded , but the downside of it is, after the long and tedious process the energy is so drained out and tiredness start showing on the faces which isn’t a good news. 4. Trust all your vendors Get all your doubts clarified well in advance and trust all the vendors to give their best to make your wedding successful and leave the worry for your family members to take care of it as it will leave you to have a calm mind which in terms will help you enjoy the wedding 5. Make sure to enjoy the wedding Weddings are once in a life time event and it is one of the most important day of your life,lot of beautiful things can happen unexpectedly and lots of things will not go according to the plan , but that’s the beauty of it . Hence just relax and make sure you keep smiling and enjoying each and every moments as these can never be replicated ever.   Good Luck From Picsee.in for all the Bride and Groom and Make sure you enjoy the Day 🙂